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"Athensoft Bootcamp" is one of the long-term activities operated by Informatique Athensoft Inc. focusing on modern technology education. This activity revolves closely around applications in computer science, artificial intelligence, hardware and software, networks, aiming to help young people discover their interests, broaden their horizons, explore new technological knowledge, and ignite their passion for learning technology and using it to change lives.


"The Athensoft IT/AI Workshop" is one of the short-term learning activities operated by Athensoft Information Technology. This event focuses on fields such as information technology, artificial intelligence, and the internet, with the aim of helping technology enthusiasts understand the industry, quickly learn a specific technology or skill, enrich their knowledge and skill set, accumulate hands-on experience, and inspire a deeper interest in exploring a particular area of expertise.


"The Athensoft IT/AI Training" is a medium to long-term training service operated by Athensoft Information Technology. This training focuses on fields such as information technology, artificial intelligence, and the internet, aiming to provide participants with a systematic learning experience and a solid grasp of practical IT/AI technologies through the instruction of professional technical experts. It cultivates professional habits and literacy, geared towards practical application, projects, competitions, selection of relevant specialties, career preparation, entrepreneurship, and more.

Athensoft Participates in MTL Education Exhibition

Informatique Athensoft participated in the 2024 Montreal Education Exhibition. We brought a wealth of educational programs for young enthusiasts of computer and artificial intelligence technology - including Bootcamps, Workshops, and specialized technical Training courses that both broaden horizons and allow for in-depth specialization. Large amount of discount coupons and exquisite gifts were distributed during the exhibition!

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IT&AI Programs for Winter-Spring 2024

Athensoft IT Public Training Programs for Youth in Winter-Spring 2024 is now open for enrollment. You can choose any program you are interested in to learn software development techniques with us, gain project experience, collaborate in teams, and even have the opportunity to participate in the construction of IT communities. Popular subjects include Python, Java, Web, IT/AI basics, database development, data processing and analysis, and more.

Enrollment: Opening
Location: Live, Online (Interactive learning)

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Athensoft Serves as a Judge at BrebeufHx7 Hackathon

BrébeufHx brings together high school and CEGEP students from across Quebec for a two-day hackathon. In this event, participants form teams of up to four members and spend these days developing a technological solution to address a contemporary societal problem. We attended this event in January 2024, serving as Judge and Mentor for the competition, and delivered congratulatory remarks to the participants at the closing ceremony.

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Athensoft student achieved a perfect score in CCC competition

Congratulations to Athensoft student Z. Wang for participating in the 2023 Canadian Computing Competition (CCC Junior) in February and achieving an outstanding perfect score of 75.

The Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) is an annual computer programming contest for high school students around the world. Hosted by the University of Waterloo in Canada, the competition is highly regarded, and exceptional performance in the CCC is considered a gateway to the University of Waterloo and other prestigious North American universities.

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